.bios//LAIN (tacotaskforce) wrote,

Dream Diary

Last night's dream started out with me on a bus. I'm pretty confident that I was in europe, not because of any landmarks but just because the dream had that sort of europe-y feeling to it. Also I had a PS3 which I had just recently purchased. And, just as I often do in real life, I fell asleep on the bus. When I awoke I discovered that the PS3 had been stolen by some high-school wanksta punk and this other chubby high school kid had done nothing to stop it. I was pretty mad about the whole predicament since $500 had just up and vanished. Then I realised that no one sells the $500 model so I must have spent $600 on it (which is actually a sweet deal since I was in europe at the time and their PS3 is more in the range of $750-$900) and that just made me madder.

That then segued into a sort of 1050's PSA/1960's psychedelic cartoon about kids and ice cream. A girl in a school cafeteria said to the boy sitting next to her 'I want to share my cream with you.' The boy responded 'We can't share cream yet.' She pulled a handful of ice cream out of her lunch pail and gave him some anyways. After that it got really weird. I blame most of the imagery on this video. The only image I can remember was of a scene similar in Ghostbusters 2 with Vigo's disembodied head floating over a river of slime, only with the face of an eight year old girl and 'THE CREME MUST BE ONE' written on the bottom of the image.

I think the moral of the experience was that only in my wildest dreams would I spend $600 on a playstation.
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